Getting Started

I have been seeking ways to better connect with Alliant alumni, students and prospective students and at the urging of some of the faculty and staff  have initiated this blog. It is my hope that this channel of communication can augment the other avenues I have to talk about the School of Management and the University and the tremendous opportunities before us.

I would like to thank Professor Mile Beauchamp and his integrated marketing and communication undergraduate students who helped me set up this blog. They zipped me through the process, designing and producing a professional-looking blog site and making the appropriate links, all in about one hour. I am always impressed with Alliant students. They combine technical competence, creativity, and a professional outlook. Coming from several different countries, they not only learn from each other, but are representative of not only Alliant, but the world. One cannot talk seriously about management and leadership without fully integrating perspectives on diversity, multiculturalism and internationalism. Our students personify this and this is a great advantage for them in whatever they do.


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  1. Dean Haskell,

    I am sad that I was unable to attend my class meeting on Friday due to illness. I wish I could have been part of the group of students that put this blog together, they did a wonderful job. I believe this blog is a great way to connect with faculty and students. I hope to hear more from you on the future plans of ASM.

    Esther E.

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